Love Happens 3-Ari Avanti Takes Every Inch of Adrian Hart’s Delicious BBC-Bareback-CockyBoys

Love Happens 3-CockyBoys: Brock Bankski (Brocks Banks) has lost control of his sexual awareness retreat thanks to the rule-breaking “sexologists” (Max Adonis & Austin Avery) he’s hired. They’ve hijacked his planned workshops and created new things such as “naked yoga” taught by their buddy Fern (Ari Avanti) whose first student is control freak, Adrian Hart.

Having just skipped out on his boyfriend Kane Fox after some hot oral sex, Adrian doesn’t know what to make of affectionate & intuitive flower child Fern/Ari but it’s not long before he’s under his spell. Ari puts Adrian into several yoga positions and coupled with his erotic touch Adrian gets hard. Ari then begins to incorporate cock-sucking into their positions and the thin line between sex and naked yoga is totally blurred.

Adrian soon uses his yoga experience to put his instructor into a frog position for ass-eating which Ari just loves. So, Adrian moves him into the downward dog, and after some teasing, he fucks Ari and the ass-pounding gets increasingly intense. They slow things down with a 69 where Ari sucks & Adrian rims, but in time soon Adrian gets Ari on his back to fuck him more.

As they are both being limber, they fuck in a number of variations but it’s while he’s using his whole body to work his hole on Adrian’s cock that Ari brings himself to the edge. And so, it isn’t long after Adrian drills him back that Ari shoots his big load. Adrian keeps going until he shoots all over Ari’s hole and pumps into him.

Later, Adrian & Kane are reunited for their interview. And, as unconventional as their individual sexual awakening experiences were, radical faeries Max & Austin actually may have a success to their credit!

Posted on October 24, 2021

Love Happens 3-Ari Avanti Takes Every Inch of Adrian Hart’s Delicious BBC-Bareback-CockyBoys

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