Pierce Paris’ Big Meaty Dick Fucks Jack Hunter-Bareback-ChaosMen

Pierce Paris’ Big Meaty Dick Fucks Jack Hunter-Bareback-ChaosMen

Jack Hunter is in for it with Pierce Paris’ fat cock, but thankfully Jack is a willing and experienced bottom.

The two start off with some light making-out on the bed before Jack heads south to Pierce’s huge dick. Jack expertly sucks and throats Pierce’s cock before Pierce sits back and face fucks Jack harder and harder, occasionally using his hand to force Jack deeper down on to his throbbing dick.

Jack gets on all-fours as Pierce stands behind him and quickly shoves his cock in Jack’s hungry hole. With a dick as big as Pierce’s, you’d think Jack would need a few moments to get comfortable, but apparently not – Jack is as ready as he’ll ever be, and Pierce wastes no time before he’s plunging in and out of Jack’s ass harder and deeper.

Pierce gets on the bed and lays behind Jack and starts fucking Jack again while Jack holds on to his legs for dear life. Pierce tries a couple positions before settling on pile-driving into Jack’s hole. Jack happily sticks his legs and ass up in the air so Pierce can get as deep as possible.

After showing the camera how gaped Jack’s hole is, Pierce performs a magic trick – he inserts his dick AND balls into Jack’s hole and continues to fuck him, much to Jack’s delight. Pierce moves off the side of the bed so the camera can get a better angle of him fucking Jack’s ass with his cock and balls before instructing Jack to push Pierce’s balls back out. Jack does as instructed and Pierce continues to plunge deeper and harder into his ass.

As Pierce smashes against Jack’s prostate over and over, Jack shoots a load all over his stomach and chest. Pierce collapses next to Jack on the bed as Jack helps himself to some scoops of his own cum.


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