Virginity Swap-Dann Grey Tops Pol Prince-Bareback-MEN

Virginity Swap-MEN: Dann Grey is tired of always bottoming for his buddy, Pol Prince. He wants to try his hand at topping, telling Pol, “There’s a first time for everything!” Pol’s never bottomed before, so the guys agree to a V-card exchange, and Pol sits in Dann’s lap, kissing him, then sucking his cock. Dann rims the first-time bottom, then shows him how good getting fucked can feel as he slides his dick into that hole in doggystyle. Pol really gets into it as he rides Dann, and after Dann fucks his friend in missionary position, he even uses a toy on him. Pol cums hard as he rides Dann reverse, and the newly minted top pulls out to cum on Pol’s ass.

Posted on October 11, 2021

Virginity Swap-Dann Grey Tops Pol Prince-Bareback-MEN

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